Ideal Memory Foam For Side Sleepers

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a type of mattress which is purely made of foam. There are no springs in it. There are various types of memory foam available in the market, including gel memory foam and open cell memory foam. It is made up of the substance called viscoelastic. Currently, available memory foams are far better than the ones from the past. There was a common issue of overheating in memory foams, which have been resolved by the innovations.

Advantages of a memory foam

In the past, one major drawback of memory foams was overheating. This issue has been resolved by cooling technology. Memory foam has temperature control, which keeps the temperature optimum.

How memory foam relieves pressure and provides supports to side sleepers?

Body heat is used by the memory foam to mold the shape of the body. For pressure relief, memory foam is excellent. It is ideal for side sleepers as it reduces body pain. Another important thing for side sleepers is support. Memory foam provides excellent support. The body gets in natural shape. 

The best memory foam Mattress for side sleepers is the one that relieves pressures and provides appropriate support. Memory foam was initially developed by NASA back in the 1960s. Memory foam possesses unique characteristics. When weight is exerted, it compresses and regains its initial size and gives a hug. It is extremely noiseless, so any movement is silent.

Best memory foam for side sleepers

Memory foam with multiple comfort layers is suitable for side sleepers. As side sleepers have sharp pressure points because the pressure is exerted on one side, they are vulnerable to body pain if the mattress does not provide proper support. Memory foams with weight distribution ability are also very suitable for side sleepers. The body gets sink inside the matress, and pressure is distributed equally. It is great for shoulders and hips while sleeping on the side. Side sleepers are vulnerable to spinal misalignment. Memory foam with special ability keeps spinal alignment. It exerts equal pressure in the upward direction to keep the spine In Natural S shape. Every single part of the body gets equal support. As we know that if this support is not provided, it can result in chronic pains. Side sleepers who switch sides while sleeping also feel comfortable as it allows movements very smoothly. Its ability to press and release itself after pressure, helps a lot. Overweight side sleepers are extremely vulnerable to shoulder and hip pain due to pressure. Gel memory foam is perfect for overweight side sleepers. There is no feeling of sinking, so perfect support is provided in this way. Gel memory foam is quite an innovation. It is the type of memory foam that has a quick reaction time. It quickly retains its shape after pressure is applied. Overweight side sleepers prefer comfort but also want support so that their body does not sink deep inside a mattress. So gel memory foam is a perfect choice.